Wednesday, April 9, 2014

put my name in bold


photographs - Vickie Laliotis


sunglasses - The Row
scrunchie - American Apparel
dress - vintage
belt - vintage
jacket - vintage
boots - Rag & Bone 
lipstick - Kat Von D

The weather is finally agreeing with my need to bare my legs and with that comes the inevitable desire to power clash. Leopard print with geometric shapes is how I rolled this time around topped with a little boys leather jacket all the while muttering "I'm so fanccccyyy" under my breath thanks to Iggy Azeala and Charli XCX. It's a catchy tune and if you don't want it stuck in your head, probably best not to open pandora's box. But if you're anything like me, you'll listen to it anyway so check it out HERE.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mixtape Monday - Coachella 2014

coachella mix

I'm off on a little adventure this week to Palm Springs for Coachella... and In-n-Out burger. Let's be honest, I plan to consume a number of cheeseburgers from there over the course of the weekend.

This is my first time going and I'm not sure what to expect. Is anyone else going? I'll meet you by the ridiculously giant ferris wheel - I'll be the girl in the flower crown and the cut offs. Hah! Kidding, I plan on wearing sweat pants with chocolate stains - surely that will make me stand out.

Listen to the mixtape HERE

Friday, April 4, 2014

5 1/2 Things Vol. 2


1. Kelly Cutrone's If You Have to Cry, Go Outside is the ultimate "power bitch's" bible. Having interned at British Vogue, Lula, among a plethora of other places this book speaks to my tender heart. If you want to work in the fashion industry you need a VERY thick skin and who better to tell you how it is than the truth goddess Ms Cutrone. 


2. In my final year of university, I worked on a project with my two friends Kara and Emilia. We were fortunate to get the assignment photographed by Mark Peckmezian, one of Emilia's pals. I have been in awe of his work ever since and nearly fainted when I found out he was shooting for Twin Magazine - one of my all time favourite publications from the UK. Anyway, the above photo is one of the outtakes from our project. His work speaks for itself so check out his website here:

3. You know when you listen to something and you're certain this person was in your head when they wrote it? This whole thing is actually me in a nutshell. When he gets to the part about the pressure of writing in a Moleskine notebook and not wanting to disappoint it, that is truly a daily struggle for me. Marc Maron gets me.


4. I have recently taken to using an antique cigarette case as a business card holder and I'm rather pleased with it. 


5. If this song can't get you dancing, you have no soul.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Photographs - Vickie Laliotis


silk bomber jacket - my dad's closet
Beatles t shirt - The Pretty Secrets vintage (get it HERE)
Lucite chain bangle - The Pretty Secrets vintage (get it HERE)
levi's boyfriend jeans - thrifted
clutch - vintage LV
shoes - vintage Browns

I was poking around in my dad's closet trying to come up with an ensemble for him when I discovered this silky slouchy dream from the 90s. It was everything I hoped a spring/summer jacket could be - light, oversized, and soooo soft. Fortunately, he was willing to part with it and I was more than happy to let it enter my wardrobe. Would this be considered normcore? I like to think of it as dadcore.


Monday, March 31, 2014

Mixtape Monday - Spring Sprang Sprung


Here's hoping that Spring may actually be happening soon... even if I have to will it into being. Soon are the days of light coats and strolling down Whyte Avenue with pals in above zero temperatures. It's not too much to ask for.

Listen to Spring Sprang Sprung here.